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Land Rover 1959 Series II

Make|Land Rover
Model|Series II
Exterior Colour|Green
Trim Colour|Grey
Date Registered|27/01/1959
Hand of Drive|RHD
+44 (0) 1234 240 636
PRICE £15,995
The ‘Land Rover’ was initially conceived in 1947 as a light agricultural utility vehicle, originally intended as a stop gap measure by the Rover Company while its car production got back on its feet after WWII. To keep costs down and because steel was in very short supply, Rover used surplus aluminium from the wartime aircraft industry for the body work and kept the design as simple as possible. Launched in 1948 the Land Rover Series I was the first mass produced civilian 4-wheel drive vehicle and became an instant success with the public, particularly farmers, and the military. Although only intended as a short-term measure it continued in production in various forms for almost 70 years!
The Series II was launched in 1958 and differed noticeably from its predecessor in that it received the attention of the Rover styling department which added a slightly more curved appearance breaking up the previous slab-sided look. A number of mechanical improvements had also taken place in particular wider axles and a new more powerful 2 ¼ lite petrol engine. The Series II was only produced for a relatively short time giving way to the Series IIA in 1961.
The Series II is considered by many as ‘The’ Land Rover, is widely recognised around the globe and has in recent years become highly collectable.
This early Series II Land Rover was registered in January 1959 and although its early history is unknown, it has had very little use in the last twenty years or so according to the multiple MOT certificates in its history file. Apart from a recent fresh coat of paint and some mechanical restoration it remains in remarkably good original condition.
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