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Ford 1965 Lotus Cortina MK1

Model|Lotus Cortina Mk1
Exterior Colour|White
Hand of Drive|LHD
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PRICE £39,000
The Lotus Cortina was borne out of Colin Chapman’s desire to build his own engines for his Lotus cars, and so in 1961 he commissioned the design of a twin cam unit based on the Ford Kent series of engines. Initially using small capacity versions of the engine for development, Chapman eventually decided on a 1557cc unit which first appeared in a Lotus 23 driven by Jim Clark at the Nurburgring in 1962 and went on to power the new Lotus Elan later that same year.
Whilst the engine was under development Walter Hayes of Ford Motor Company persuaded Chapman to fit the engine to 1,000 Ford saloons for group 2 homologation. Ford would supply the 2 door body shells and took care of all the marketing and selling of the cars while Lotus would take care of all the mechanical and cosmetic changes. Apart from the fitting of the Lotus engine there were major revisions to gearbox, front and rear suspension, interior and exterior styling and various weight saving modifications.
And so in 1963 the Lotus Cortina or ‘Ford Cortina Lotus’, it’s official Ford title, was launched to rave reviews and became an instant success!
The car continued in production until 1966 when the Mk2 was launched and eventually ceased in 1970 by which time it had logged major successes in both racing and rallying and has since become one of the most popular cars of choice for current historic competition.
This 1965 Lotus Cortina was fully restored by its current owner in 1992 and gained its FIA HVIF the following year. It has seldom been rallied since then and remains in good condition having been kept in conditioned storage for the past few years.
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