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Aston Martin 1967 DB6 Volante

Make|Aston Martin
Model|DB6 Volante
Exterior Colour|Dark Blue
Trim Colour|Grey
Carpet Colour|Blue
Hood Colour|Blue
Date Registered|05/12/1967
Hand of Drive|RHD
+44 (0) 1234 240 636
PRICE £695,000
The DB6 was the final evolution of the Aston Martin that had started with the introduction of the DB4 back in 1958 and it departed from that evolutionary path to a far greater degree than its predecessor the DB5. The ‘Superleggera’ principle of body construction was largely done away with in favour of more traditional methods with a resultant weight saving. The wheelbase was increased by 4” which gave the cabin more room and for the first time the car became a true four seater! There was also a marked styling difference over the DB5 convertible with the ‘Kamm’ inspired tail, reflecting the Project 214 race cars, which greatly improved the DB6’s straight line stability. The DB6 also had the best version yet of the Marek 4.0 litre 6 cylinder unit with improvements in standard form to develop a power output of 280 bhp. With the increase in wheel base and improvements to rear suspension and engine development the DB6 was considered the best Aston yet to drive.
The convertible version of the DB6 or ‘Volante’ as it was now known, was launched at the London Motor Show in 1966 and only 140 examples were produced before Mk1 production ceased in 1969.
This DB6 Volante was first registered in December 1966 to Ralph Hilton Transport Services Ltd, a major road haulier from Charlton, London. It originally left the factory in Dubonnet Rosso with Natural Connolly and with the addition of chrome road wheels, 3 ear hubcaps, seat belts and power aerial. It is unclear how long Mr Hilton kept the car for but the factory build sheet shows the DB6 subsequently belonging to dealer Ian Anthony (Sales) Ltd, Hilton Park Garage, Manchester. In 1976 it was registered in the Bailiwick of Jersey, Channel Islands before being returned to mainland UK in 1984. The car was subject to a comprehensive restoration several years ago when it was re-painted in dark metallic blue and trimmed in Grey hide. It has more recently been brought up to the superb condition you see it in today by the current keeper with a spend in excess of £25,000 in the hands of marque specialist, Desmond J Smail Ltd.
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