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Aston Martin 1968 DB6

Make|Aston Martin
Exterior Colour|Olive
Trim Colour|Natural
Carpet Colour|Green
Date Registered|16/08/1968
Hand of Drive|RHD
+44 (0) 1234 240 636
PRICE £290,000
The DB6 was the final evolution of the Aston Martin that had started with the introduction of the DB4 back in 1958. Launched in 1965, it departed from that evolutionary path to a far greater degree than its predecessor the DB5. The ‘Superleggera’ principle of body construction was largely done away with in favour of more traditional methods with a resultant weight saving. The wheelbase was increased by 4” which gave the cabin more room and for the first time the car became a true four seater! There were also marked styling differences over the DB5, in particular the rear three-quarter windows which recall the DB4 GT Zagato, and the ‘Kamm’ inspired tail, reflecting the Project 214 race cars, which greatly improved the DB6’s straight line stability. The DB6 also had the best version yet of the Marek 4.0 litre 6 cylinder unit with many improvements. With the increase in wheel base and improvements to rear suspension and engine development the DB6 was considered the best Aston yet to drive and as such continued to be produced until 1970 by which time the DBS production was well under way.
This DB6 left the factory in August 1968 in its current colour scheme of Olive with Beige Connolly, with factory extras, Power Steering, Chrome Road Wheels, Heated Rear Screen, Three Ear Hub Caps, Two Seat Belts, Power Aerial, Overriders and GB Digits! It was supplied to dealers D H Bloomer, Grimsby and was first registered to E.A. Dring Esq from Boston, Lincs, with factory records showing it returning on several occasions until September1971. It was taxed under a private plate in 1975 (the tax disc remains in the file) but didn’t surface again until it eventually came into the hands of Mr Jim Robson of Robson Conveyors, Sheffield in September 1986. Unfortunately for Mr Robson the plate had lapsed with the DVLA changes at the time and the car had to be re-registered. Mr Robson didn’t use the car for many years until he embarked on a course of partial restoration between 1994 and 96 for which he employed the services of Aston Service Dorset for parts and a more local specialist Derek Watson for the mechanical and bodywork. He parted company with the car shortly afterwards in 1998 when it was acquired by the current keeper who immediately brought it to the attention of Desmond J Smail Ltd. Many improvements were made to the car, finishing off the bits that Mr Robson hadn’t done to bring it up to superb condition. It has been lovingly maintained to a very high standard and cared for since then by renowned marque specialists Desmond J Smail and subsequently Aston Engineering as many invoices in the comprehensive history file show. Given that it has been subject to an older restoration, this DB6 remains in excellent condition and drives superbly.
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