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Aston Martin 1968 DBS 'Project'

Make|Aston Martin
Date Registered|23/07/1968
Hand of Drive|RHD
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PRICE £25,000
Just as Aston Martin had got it right first time with the DB2 and DB4, so they did in 1967 with the DBS.
Sports car styling was moving away from the essentially 50’s influences of its predecessor the DB6, and as such Aston Martin turned to their in house designer William Towns to come up with a design which was to remain as a mainstay of the company for the next 25 years!
The DB6 chassis was widened by 4 ½ inches and wheelbase increased by 1 inch to facilitate re positioning of the engine rearwards to improve balance. Although longer in wheelbase the body of the DBS was actually 1 ½ inches shorter than its predecessor but a full 6 inches wider giving Towns design a pleasingly aesthetic but purposeful look.
Because the new Marek V8 engine was still under development, the DBS was fitted with the 4 litre, 6 cylinder unit in either standard or Vantage form at no extra cost!
The DBS first became available in October 1967, and although the DBSV8 was introduced in 1970, the DBS remained in production until May 1972 with a total of just 829 cars ever leaving the factory.
This DBS was first registered in July 1968 to the RT Hon Lord Banbury of Southam in its original Oystershell with Red Connolly, ZF Transmission, Power steering and Motorola radio. The car returned to the factory on several occasions up until 1972, after which at some point it was exported to the US and eventually re-patriated to the UK in 1989 by the current owner with the intention of restoring it. The project had a major set back when the engine, gearbox and front seats were stolen and eventually came to a halt altogether. The car in it's disassembled state has remained in storage ever since and although we believe all other components are present, we cannot guarantee everything and it is being sold as seen.
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