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Mini 1968 Moke

Exterior Colour|Blue
Trim Colour|Ivory
Hood Colour|Ivory
Date Registered|01/01/1968
Hand of Drive|LHD
+44 (0) 1234 240 636
PRICE £23,000
When Sir Alec Issigonis designed the Mini back in the late fifties, he also designed another vehicle to share the Mini’s parts but with a more rugged bodyshell. The initial design was for a light military vehicle in the style of a US Jeep to compete with the up and coming Land Rover.
Although the military demand never really appeared, the ‘Moke’ found great success as a civilian version, a low cost, easily maintained, light, go anywhere utility vehicle. It also achieved ‘cult status’ as a beach buggy in stylish ocean resorts around the world.
‘Moke’ production started at BMC’s Longbridge plant in Birmingham in 1964 where some 15,000 examples were built until 1968. It was simultaneously produced in Australia also by BMC between 1966 and 1981 where around 40,000 vehicles were made and then subsequently in Portugal by a subsidiary of British Leyland who produced a further 10,000 examples.

This ‘Moke’ is an early Australian built example from 1968 which has recently been fully restored to ‘as new’ condition and is ready to be enjoyed at a beach house of your choice!
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