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Aston Martin 1972 AM Vantage

Make|Aston Martin
Model|AM Vantage
Exterior Colour|Imperial Blue
Trim Colour|Off White
Carpet Colour|Beige
Date Registered|19/10/1972
Hand of Drive|RHD
+44 (0) 1234 240 636
PRICE £195,000
1972 was a year of change for Aston Martin as long time owner David Brown, the man who had given his initials to each model since 1950, decided to sell the company to new owners ‘Company Developments Ltd’. The early 70’s were also a time of the oil crisis, stock market collapse, unemployment and inflation and under these conditions the new owners found themselves under pressure in a fast declining luxury sports car market. Their strategy to stay afloat was to not only increase price of the company’s V8 model, now named the AM V8, but also to introduce a lower priced version to increase their audience. The new car had the same body as the V8 but utilised the 4.0 litre 6 cylinder engine from the DBS but in Vantage form as standard. The car was named the ‘AM Vantage’ and despite being a very fine road car like its predecessor the DBS Vantage and £2000 less than the AM V8, the economic climate was unfortunately against it. Production started in late 1972 but like all luxury products at the time demand was low and only 70 examples were built before production ceased at the end of 1974 when Aston Martin went into receivership. The economic situation did eventually improve and Aston Martin of course found new owners with new ideas, leaving the AM Vantage as one of the rarest Aston Martin models ever produced.
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