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Aston Martin 1982 V8 Vantage Volante Manual

Make|Aston Martin
Model|V8 Volante
Exterior Colour|Balmoral Green
Trim Colour|Green
Carpet Colour|Green
Hood Colour|Green
Date Registered|04/08/1982
Hand of Drive|RHD
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The Aston Martin V8 first appeared back in 1970 with the advent of the DBS V8 and such was the success of the car that a convertible version was always considered. Aston Martin’s concerns over building such a fast-powerful convertible car were eventually overcome and the long awaited V8 Volante first appeared in June 1978. The first series cars had basically the same specification as the ‘Oscar India’ saloons which appeared later that year. A mere 441 of these Weber carburettor equipped V8 Volantes were built of which just 157 are Right Hand Drive and only 19 of those have a manual transmission! This unique car was converted to Vantage specification by the Aston Martin factory in March 1986, a full eight months before the official V8 Vantage Volante was launched! It became the first V8 Vantage Volante to be seen on UK roads! The Vantage engine Volante was introduced in November 1986 with a similar small number being RHD manual.
Registered in August 1982 by Aston Martin Sales to Mr Les Holland of Bromham Bedfordshire, the car was originally Windsor Red with Magnolia Hide. This was Mr Holland’s first Aston Martin and he took great pleasure in ordering it the way he wanted as some interesting correspondence between himself and Kingsley Riding-Felce shows. Some period photographs in the history file show him being allowed to view the car with his son Nicholas as it was being built in the factory! Mr Holland was an obvious enthusiast and when it was announced that a Vantage version of the Volante was going to be made available, he immediately asked the factory to upgrade his car to that specification. The factory duly obliged and carried out the conversion in March 1986 for it to become the very first Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante to grace UK roads! The car was exclusively maintained until 2003 by Aston Martin Works with every service being carried out when due and all maintenance when necessary, as all the invoices and original service book show. Shortly after, the Volante passed from father to son and Nicholas became the proud owner of his fathers’ pride and joy. At this point it also became known to Desmond J Smail Ltd who took over the maintenance.
The car remained in the Holland family until 2009, and although it had been subject to exceptional maintenance, it was still in original condition and now nearly 30 years old! Nicholas decided to let someone else have the pleasure of restoration so he approached Desmond with a view to selling. In 2010 Desmond sold the car to its first owner outside of the Holland family who immediately set about a complete restoration. This was carried out over the following years by renowned specialist ‘Aston Martin Heritage Designs’ with £150,000 being spent on the car during this full nut and bolt restoration to POW specification which included a 5.7 litre engine re-build. All works are extremely well documented in what is the most detailed and complete history file we have ever seen! The restoration was completed in 2015 and the car has had minimal use since, has been maintained by D J Smail Ltd and remains in perfect condition.
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