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A Sympathetic Restoration- DB4GT Lightweight

Posted in Insights 1 year ago


We recently carried out a sympathetic restoration to a DB4GT Lightweight for a client in the US. Only seven of these models were made by Aston Martin so we were particularly interested to have the car in our workshop.

The owner of the car purchased in 2021 and wanted to retain as much of the car as it was when he bought it, but wanted it rebuilt so that he could use the car regularly.

The car was stripped down but the dashboard and hood lining remained. We began by manually cleaning the underside and steelwork, but some careful sandblasting had to be carried out on a few areas.

The next stage saw the car taken to Bodylines, the leading marque specialist for carrying out body and chassis repairs to Aston Martins. Once all repairs had been completed the car was repainted in a colour very similar to the original, before it came back into our workshops.

The reassemble went very smoothly, with all parts cleaned and serviced and the car was mechanically restored with new suspension bushes and brakes being rebuilt and overhauled.

The engine also underwent a refresh. The leather trim was kept as it was, with a few repairs and a clean and treatment, and the carpet only needed small replacements.

At the clients request we also converted it back to the factory four speed gearbox, rather than keep the five speed that had been fitted with a previous owner. We also installed an electronic ignition, as the car will be used regularly and this would help with reliability.

Once complete the car left our workshops to travel to the US, where the owner has been enjoying it ever since.