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The Aston Martin V8 first appeared in 1970 as the DBSV8 in the handsome William Towns styled DBS body which had previously utilised the 6 cylinder DB6 engine. Designed by Aston Martin engineer Tadek Marek to replace his 6 cylinder unit, the new engine was an all alloy 4 cam V8 of 5340cc developing 350 bhp in its standard form, giving the car a staggering performance at the time!
With a change of company ownership in 1972 and a few styling adjustments, most notably the use of single headlights, the car became simply the AMV8 or just V8. The development of the car went through 5 series right up to the end of production in 1989 which is testament to the Towns styling and the longevity of the Marek engine.
This Aston Martin V8 left the factory in June 1978 in its original Imperial Burgundy paint and Magnolia Hide trim. Initially registered to Armstrong Massey Ltd, car dealers from York, the car passed through several hands before coming to reside with the current registered keeper in 1999. Throughout this period the V8 was regularly maintained, including a colour change to its current dark blue, as inspections by both Aston Martin Works and Davron testify. The history file also contains many MOT certificates that confirm its genuine mileage, and the results of a DVLA search that reveals all of its registered owners.
The current keeper, being an accomplished aircraft engineer, has kept the car regularly maintained despite having covered just 8,000 miles in his 18 years of ownership!
The comes in very good original condition with a comprehensive history file.